Show off your girl power: Lash Models for Charlotte NC

Lash Models can be featured on our website or in photoshoots. Earn free and discounted eyelash extension services

Details Please!

As Charlotte NC #1 eyelash extension salons,  we often try the latest and greatest products! That's where our Lash Babes come in and experience the best eyelash treatment at discounted rates!  We call upon you to sample and wear our eyelash extensions! We also have photo shoots for our promotional campaign and you would also participate in them! To show commitment and that you do value our efforts we just ask that you agree to the minimal fee of $75. This covers product, time, & secures your role as a model for us! Join in on the fun and get some free lashes while your at it! 

Whats in it for you?

 A free set of eyelash extensions! Discounts on your lash infills! First to know of our new offers! First lash babes we contact when new lashes and techniques are introduced! 

Whats the Requirements?


Pretty Easy Requirements: Must love beautiful lashes and reside around Charlotte NC area:

18 years of age

Flexible Schedule

Social Media Presence (5,000 followers)

Healthy Natural Lashes

Time & Product Fee: $75

Sounds Like You? Lets Do it


Send an email with your name, contact number, & best times available and in the subject line include: Lash Model

We will contact you to verify some things then add you to our lash model listing and get you some bomb lash extensions to show off in Charlotte NC

Share the big news

 Let your best friends know they can drop the mascara and join the lash life with beautiful eyelash extensions!