Most Common Concerns| Eyelash Extensions

Are they false lashes? Are mink lashes better? What are they?

 When performing a search for false lashes in Charlotte NC or any lash service salon near you, most people think of the lash strips which use to be everyone "go to" for a fake lash look. Eyelash extensions are totally different in application as well as in the health of your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are actual lash extensions that are in fact semi-permanent eyelashes created with synthetic fibers in both silk and faux mink lashes (as we are animal cruelty free). We also have silk lashes or other types of lashes various colors sizes and lengths which are also semi-permanent lashes that are made with the same fibers etc except they appear more thicker than your silk or mink lashes as they are designed to be "flattened" but appear wider to help better grasp your natural lash.( Most clients that like fuller lashes prefer these over our silk lashes) Contrary to popular belief mink lashes are to mimic fur therefore has a more natural lash look, you should opt for mink lashes if you want a natural finish set of lashes that mirrors the look of mascara or a conservative lash look. For a more dramatic lash set we recommend our hybrid or volume lash extension sets. Contact us today to find out why we are the best place for eyelashes in Charlotte NC! 

How long is the lash extension process? Describe the lash extension process.

 The eyelash extension process is an hour to two hour process depending on the amount of natural lashes you have and the look you would like to create. Our beautiful natural lash set takes about 1.5 hours whereas a more fuller or volume set of eyelash extensions would take two hours. Your eyes are closed the entire time and your bottom lashes are secured with gel pads (hydro or bio gel) to keep them secured while we are applying the lash extensions. Lashes are applied to your actual natural lash base with adhesive each individually (strand by strand). Its a very relaxing process and we make the lash bed and environment as comfortable for you as possible in a luxurious spa setting.

How long will my lashes last?

Our lash extensions can last up to 3-3.5 before needing an infill but varies per person and depends upon your daily routine and natural lash cycle. We use top brand adhesive that is sweat proof and water proof and premium eyelash extension brands. (Your natural lashes shed daily and the seasons do have an effect on that as well) On average clients usually get a touch up every 3 weeks. The fuller you would like your lashes, the sooner you should get them touched up. Your lash artist will discuss proper after care lash instructions during your visit to ensure you understand how to maintain your beautiful lashes.