Microblading/Soft Shading| Charlotte, NC

Eyebrow Micropigmentation

Microblading is also commonly referred to as powder brows, soft shading,  or ombre brows  which is actually a newly innovative form of Permanent Makeup specifically for a more permanent eyebrow enhancement. Podwer Brows or Ombre brows are more in demand now than ever with longer lasting and natural like brow results. This technique is done through Digital Machine to give your beautiful brows a natural fuller look without the use of a pencil or traditional brow tinting. This is a more permanent eyebrow look that requires maintenance up to 2 yrs with proper touch up care. It is expected to get at least one touch up after initial service. We are now your one stop shop for luxury eyelash extensions and eyebrow enhancements. Our skilled permanent makeup artists are ready to take care of you!