Refer A Friend! That's How to Win! Free Eyelash Extensions

Free Lash Refill!

Yes  you heard us get a free set of eyelash extensions after your 4th referral but that's not all. You also can get your next lash extension refill on us for referring three of your friends or family. No limits! Each time someone you refer sets their lash appointment, it will be recorded in our "lash bible". Once three of your referrals get lashed, you get a refill completely free! Yahoo!...But that's not it. It restarts when you refer three more! See..limitless possibilities here at Her Aura Lash!

Lash Savings!

Who doesn't love a little savings ehh! Hopefully you are following our social media handles, facebook particularly as we will post random "POWER HOURS" which gives  you the chance to win a savings up to $15 off your service. All you have to do is reference the post and schedule the appointment within the hour of the post! Simple enough right? Her Aura Lash is the way to go!